3 Reasons To Advertise With A Car Window Wrap

It can be difficult to get the publicity that you want for your business. There are many ways to promote your business; radio commercials, newspaper ads, and also different signs. A type of sign that is often forgotten about is a window wrap. A window wrap is a type of vinyl sign that goes on top of the window. There are many options when it comes to putting a car window wrap on your car, and you can customize them to fit almost any need. Here are three reasons that a car window wrap is a great way to get visibility and promote your company.

Portable Ad

One of the best things about getting a window wrap is that your ad goes everywhere that you go. You are going to be able to promote your company and business everywhere. In a very real way you are going to need to go to the places that will put your business out there and get the best visibility. It is going to do you no good to wrap your window if you do not go to public events and drive your car wherever you go. Do your best to put your portable ad in contact with as many people as you can.

Completely Customizable

You are going to be able to put as much or as little information on your ad as you want. The vinyl wraps are able to be completely customized. Your ad should contain enough information that if they want to contact you they will be able to find you. For your business that may be just a logo, or it could be important that you include a website or a phone number. Just be sure that the wrap represents your company very well, and that it will allow for future contact if it strikes interest. 

Advertise Or Don’t

One of the great things about a wrap is that it can be removed. There are different types of wraps, but some can be removed and then put back on. Either way when they are removed they do not affect the window. It may need a little bit of cleanup to make the windows normal, but it can be done. A window wrap is one of the best ways to ensure that your business logo and information gets visibility. Wraps give you many different options on how and when you advertise for your business. 

Have Hail Damage And Low Funds To Repair It? What To Know

If a hail storm has caused a lot of damage to your vehicle and you don’t want to make the claim with your auto insurance policy, or if you only have the bare minimum coverage, you want to find out the cost of the damage. An auto body shop, such as Auto Hail Repair, will have the skill to repair the dents and scratches as needed. If the cost stresses you out, there are a couple of options you can consider. Do the following things to save money:

Look for Panels

Going to junk yards to find new car panels the same model as yours can save you a lot of money on the repair costs. If you can find a new hood, trunk, or another area, and it only needs to be painted to be put on your vehicle, you can get the repairs done quickly. You’ll only have to have an auto body shop paint the new parts to match the color of your vehicle.

Get Multiple Auto Repair Estimates

Take the vehicle to an auto repair shop to see what the cost would be for them to knock out the dents throughout the vehicle. The repair estimate will include the cost to replace or repair the hail damages and new paint. If you don’t think the savings of looking for new panels is a lot, then it may be easier to just let the auto body experts handle the work. Once you have estimates to compare you can get the lowest price.

Find a Local Auto Body School

If there is a local auto body school in your area, you may be able to have the vehicle worked on by the students at a lower price than what you would pay at a professional shop. The work is still overseen by auto body professionals, and the results will be the same. This may take longer to have the repairs completed, so you’ll have to decide if the wait is worth the price break.

There are a lot of different ways that you can save money when your car has been damaged by hail, and you want to get it fixed right away so you can restore the value and maintain the appearance. Talk with local auto body shops, people that do auto body with a license outside of their home, and at local training centers to get the best price. 

Planning To Open A Small Bakery Catering Business? Marketing And Business Ideas For You

When you have always dreamed of owning a bakery business, you may be surprised when you set out to achieve your goals that opening a large bakery location is quite costly and difficult to jump right into. However, you may also find that there are many ways that you can break into the baking business that will not necessarily put you deep in the red before you even make your first pastry. One way to do just that is to open a business that is more along the lines of a small bakery catering business. In order to be successful in this endeavor, you need to be able to make your business work together with marketing efforts so that you gain business exposure and make sure that you are able to grow your new bakery catering business.

Use Your Bakery Catering Vehicles As Mobile Advertising

When you are opening a bakery catering business rather than a larger permanent bakery shop, you need to make the most of every aspect of your business, including your vehicles. Any vehicles that you use for your bakery catering business, whether they are the vehicles you drive to and from meetings with clients or the delivery vehicles that you actually transport your products in, can be used for advertising and marketing your business.

Work with a professional graphic design company to come up with an auto paint or car wrap design for your vehicles to develop your vehicular advertisement design. Each vehicle should include your business name, contact information and a logo or image that best represents your business and your products. These mobile advertisements should be eye-catching but not gaudy and over the top. Because your business will be so much on the go, the vehicle advertisement design is extremely important as it may be one of your only means of marketing and advertising early on in your business.

Create a Vehicle that is Both an Advertisement and a Pop-Up Shop

Another way that you can use your vehicles for your mobile bakery catering business is to actually create a vehicle that can be a little pop-up shop in and of itself. If you want to take your baked goods to various fairs, as well as vendor events for weddings and other special occasions, then you need to be able to set up a stand or pop-up shop quickly and easily.

Get your business a vehicle that can do just that for you. This can be a small refrigerated trailer or truck, a miniature food truck, or the like. Smaller pod-style trailers that can be towed behind mid-sized cars, for example, can be great for carrying the tables and other display items you need to set up a quick stand or pop-up shop. Be sure that the pop-up shop vehicle also have the same type of advertising information on it so that you can make your business name known. Keep and carry business cards, brochures and other marketing materials in that vehicle as well to maximize its usefulness in your bakery catering business.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can be sure that you are starting your new bakery catering business off on the right foot. For more information or assistance with advertising, contact companies like Aggressive Graphics.

How To Repair Fiberglass Auto Surfaces

Do you have a car with a fiberglass bumper? If that bumper has a bunch of dents and dings, you should consider fixing them yourself. Fiberglass is relatively easy to work with compared to fixing holes in aluminum. This article explains the tools you need and how to patch fiberglass car surfaces like a pro. You don’t need to rush out and call an auto body expert just because your bumper has a few scratches.

Using Fiberglass Patch Kit

The most important thing you need for this job is a fiberglass patch kit. Most fiberglass patch kits will include most, but not all, of the things that you need to complete a patch job. A traditional kit will include the fiberglass, resin, liquid hardener, a mixing tray and stick. However, the job is much easier if you also have painter’s tape, a plastic putty knife, auto sandpaper and normal scissors.

Prepping the Surface

Before you can apply the patch, you need to prepare the area you’re working on. Use the scissors to cut the patch to the right size. Your patch needs to overlap the hole or dent by a few inches on each side. However, if the patch is too large, you will need to use a greater amount of resin to cover it up, making it more visible and harder to blend in. Take a close look at the edges of the damaged area. If the paint seems like it is peeling up, you might need sand down the edges to knock away any loose paint. Then, thoroughly clean the area with a wet rag.

Applying the Patch

At this point you can use the scissors to cut the cloth to the right size. Use a little bit a tape to hold the cloth over the hole. Now you can mix the hardener in with the resin. The gel dries very quickly once the two components are combined.

Spread the resin onto the cloth and peel away the tape once the cloth is being held in place by enough resin. The key to spreading the resin is to put it on thick and then try and smooth it out before it dries. You won’t be able to make the resin perfectly smooth until after it dries and you sand it down. If you apply the resin too thickly though, you will have to do a lot of time consuming sanding.

As you can see, patching holes in fiberglass surfaces is fairly simple. Once you learn this skill, you can patch and repair your car bumper and other fiber glass surfaces. For more information, contact a business such as Ohs’ Body Shop’s Inc.

How To Patch Small Paint Chips

Even the small dents and scratches on your bumper can detract from the value of your car. However, many people don’t want to take their car into an auto body shop just to fix a few small blemishes. Luckily, you can learn to repair and touch up small paint chips in your bumper. It is a simple task and it does not require any expensive or rare tools. This article explains how to patch small paint chips on metal car surfaces.

Using Autobody Filler

The most important product for this job is autobody filler. This comes in large tubs with a separate tube of liquid hardener. Basically, you mix a small amount of hardener in with the putty. Once the two components are mixed together, the putty dries very quickly, so be prepared. Before you can even begin to apply the putty, you need to do a little bit of prep work.

Prepping the Paint Chip

If you have a larger hole with rust forming on the car surface, you need to sand it out with auto sandpaper. Autobody sandpaper is just like wood sandpaper except it needs to be so you don’t scratch the metal. The sanding is important, not because it smoothes out the surface, but because it makes it a little rougher. Car paint is too smooth and glossy for the new paint to stick to unless it is lightly sanded. Just use a small corner of the paper to smooth out the area.

Applying the Putty

Once you have sanded and mixed the putty, you can apply to the paint chip. For small chips you can just use your fingers. Otherwise, use a plastic putty knife so you don’t scratch the paint. It is important to overfill the chip. Then, when it dries you come back with the sandpaper to smooth it out.

Touching Up the Paint

The final step is to apply some touch up paint to the patched area. For the best results you should use factory paint. This is easy to find at the dealership. Most auto parts stores sell third party products which often have problems with matching. The touch up cans have a small brush built in to the lid for easy application.

This is a simple task that could save you some time and money in the long run. If you leave even the smallest chip unattended, it could lead to the chip growing and rust forming on the metal. For more information, contact a fleet service.

4 Things to Know Before Repainting Your Car

Repainting your car may be on your mind if you have many cosmetic issues or simply want to change the color. There are a few things to note before you sign up for a new paint job. 

The Cost Varies Considerably

First of all, know that the cost of your paint job can vary a lot depending on the scope of the job. For instance, a paint touch-up will be much less expensive than a full coating. Changing the color of the car is even more expensive that a regular repaint because the job is often more extensive. For instance, your auto body shop will need to repaint door jambs and other parts that they wouldn’t normally touch during a repaint. You can help reduce the costs by painting some of these items yourself. Check with your auto body shop beforehand to see the best procedures for painting the metal and plastic components of your car that you choose to do yourself. 

There Are Multiple Options for Paint Job Types

Another thing that can affect the cost of your car repaint is the type of paint you choose. There’s always the option of a traditional liquid paint and clear coating option. If you have the money to spend, this option can produce a high quality, polished final product. Another option is to do a powder coating, which is also a great option that can be less expensive. This is because there is less wasted material during powder coating, as compared to a spray gun painting job. 

The Job May Take Several Days

If you had thought the car could go in the same day and then be ready for pickup, be sure that you check with your mechanic beforehand. In many cases, these jobs can take several days. The paint job itself is several hours long for a thorough repainting, and then the materials need to dry. You might need to factor in the costs of a rental car for a few days when you decide to get your car repainted. 

It Could Affect the Value

If you think you may eventually sell the car, you might want to consider the effects of a repaint on the final value. If your car is badly scratched up and the paint is worn, a repaint will have a positive effect in most cases. If you are changing the car color from a popular color to a more personalized color, note that the value may go down because fewer buyers would be interested in the new car color. It helps to consult car values or ask your auto body shop beforehand so that you preserve the value of your car. 

If you’d like to learn more about your options, contact local auto body and paint services like Powder Coating Specialties. 

2 Ways an Auto Body Shop Can Help You with Your Commercial Fleet Repair and Maintenance

Owning a fleet of vehicles is going to be a large investment for you. Because of this, you are going to want to make sure that all of the vehicles are well cared for at any given point in time. While doing this on your own is likely going to be impossible, it can be done with the help of an auto body service that deals with commercial fleet repair and maintenance. This shop will be equipped to handle a large number of vehicles at one time and will have the mechanics and other auto body workers necessary to complete all of the work that needs to be done on your fleet. This article will discuss two important ways that an auto body shop can help you with your commercial fleet repair and maintenance. 

They Can Perform All of the Maintenance Work on Your Vehicles 

A great way to ensure that your fleet is going to last you for a long time is to make sure that all of the routine maintenance needs for each vehicle are taken care of. This includes oil changes, air filter changes, tire rotations, and other things of this nature. When you take your commercial fleet of vehicles into an auto shop that specializes in commercial fleets, they are going to be able to perform all of these services for you. They will then go above and beyond by letting you know exactly when you need to bring each vehicle back in to be served again. This saves you from having to remember on your own and allows you to keep your fleet in the best condition possible. 

They Are Quick Without Reducing Their Quality of Work

When one of your fleet vehicles has a problem, it is important that you are able to get this issue fixed as soon as possible so that you can get the vehicle back out on the road. This allows you to best serve your customers and make the profit needed for your business to thrive. Auto body shops that specialize in fleet vehicles realize this, so they do all that they can to make the process as quick as possible, while still providing you with quality work. They are able to do this by keeping many of the parts needed on hand, and also hiring skilled mechanics and auto body workers who know what they are doing and won’t waste any time getting it done. 

For more information about how an auto shop that specializes in commercial fleet repair can benefit you, talk to Florida Truck & Trailer CO.

The Nitty Gritty Of Classic Car Restorations—Auto Body Repairs That Affect Car Performance

Auto body repairs can often be cosmetic fixes after an accident or other small damage from driving. There are also repairs that may need to be done with a classic car restoration, such as removing poor, heavy fillers in bodywork and fixing issues with rust. Sometimes, these problems can affect the performance of your car, such as a rusted sub-frame that can twist. Here are some of the auto body repairs that can affect your classic car restoration:

Rusted Bodies That Can Effect The Frame And Suspension

A rusted body can affect many areas of your car. If the rust is in an area where mounts for things like engines and transmissions sit, it can cause you to have a bumpy ride. There are also sub-frame cars, which have a small frame and the body makes up the other portion of the frame. When a sub-frame is rusted, it can cause many problems that are difficult to solve.

The Hidden Effects Of A Jarred Alignment And Suspension Damage

If you have hit something with the front of your car, then there may be hidden damage. A front collision can cause the suspension to become jarred. This can even be something that causes your car to have problems after you do repairs. When the wheels are out of the position they should be in, it can cause handling problems, tire wear, and mechanical failure. This is why it is important to have an auto body repair shop compare your car’s suspension with the original factory specs to ensure the wheels are aligned correctly.

Front End Damage That Can Cause A Decrease In Engine Performance

Front end damage can also cause problems with the motor. Sometimes, the problem may be something simple like an air intake hose being crimped, a mount that has be moved, or damage to your radiator and cooling system. These problems can usually easily be solved by checking the engine compartment when repairs are done. You will want to look for signs of parts that look like they do not fit quite right, such as hoses not fitting on a housing correctly or a bracket that is moved out of its original position. When auto body repairs are done, check the components under the hood for these problems.

Some auto body repairs may just be cosmetic, while others can affect the performance of your car. If your car has issues with a rusted sub-frame or other problems that can affect how it drives, contact an auto body repair service to help you correct the issues. For more information, contact local professionals like Auto Body By Duie LLC.

2 Important Services That An Auto Body Repair Shop Can Provide For You After An Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident that has left your car in pretty poor condition, this can be very overwhelming for you. Not only are you having to deal with any and all personal repercussions that come along with the accident, but you are also having to deal with whatever has happened to your car. When it comes to dealing with your car, you will have the help of an auto body repair shop. They will be able to take control of the situation and take care of all aspects of your car’s repair. This article will discuss two important services that an auto body repair shop can provide for you after an accident. 

A Tow And Transportation Assistance

If your car is in bad condition, then you likely aren’t going to be able to drive it off of the scene of the accident safely. Many auto body repair shops realize this, so they have towing vehicles available to come and pick up your car for you. They will simply hook your car right onto the tow truck and take it back to their shop to begin the process of getting it fixed for you. If you need an immediate ride, you can often ride in the cab of the tow truck. From there, the auto body shop will help to get you transportation assistance in the form of a rental car. You will then be able to drive this rental car around until your vehicle has been repaired. 

Full Inspection, Contacting Your Car Insurance, And Repair

As soon as your car is taken back into the body shop, it will be given a thorough inspection. This allows the mechanics to find everything and anything that has been damaged during the accident. Once this inspection is complete, your insurance will then be contacted to see what portion of the repair they are going to cover. You will then be contacted and given all of this information, including what is wrong with the car, how much the insurance covers, how much you will need to pay out of pocket, and an estimate of how long the repair is going to take. At this point, if you agree with the price, you can have them go ahead and begin the repair process. They will then proceed to make sure that everything both inside the car and outside the car is completely repaired and returned to its normal functioning capacity. 

Contact a company like Custom Kar Tops for more information about auto body repair.

3 Tips To Save Money On Auto Body Repair

Suddenly picking up a dent or another visible problem on your vehicle is one of the worst feelings in the world for every car owner. Auto body damage typically means a trip to an auto body repair shop and the expensive bill that usually comes with it. But depending on what your specific issue is, this might not actually be the end of the world. There are sometimes ways to fix specific auto body issues without breaking the bank. Here are three possible solutions that might help you if you find yourself staring at an eyesore on your car.

Look Into Paintless Dent Repair

Could the damage to your vehicle be classified as just a small dent with no issues with the paint on the car? If so, you might want to look for an auto body repair shop that specializes in paintless dent repair, commonly called PDR within the auto repair industry. If a technician can fix your issue without having to paint, sand or use any kind of body filler, the job could be significantly less expensive than what you were initially thinking.

Small Scratches Can Be Removed With a Special Kit

Did your kid’s toy or some debris from the road get a little too close to your car and leave a nasty scratch or two? While this is certainly never fun, you might actually be able to fix the problem without going into a repair shop at all. Some small scratches can be buffed out using grit sandpaper and a bit of touch up paint. Any store that sells do-it-yourself auto products should have a scratch removal kit for sale. Just make sure to get your car’s paint code off the door jamb so you get the right color of touch up paint 

Take Your Own Aftermarket Parts to the Shop

If you know that an entire section of the car, like the rear bumper, is going to need replaced, you could possibly save some money by finding the parts that you need before you go to the repair shop. Aftermarket sellers can help you locate the exact part you need and might even be able to ship the item directly to the repair shop of your choice. If your auto body repairman does not have to spend any time researching to find the correct part, this could cut down on the labor charges. It may also be cheaper to purchase and repaint an aftermarket part than it would be to order a brand new part direct from the car manufacturer. 

Auto body damage can be a real pain to deal with but it doesn’t have to break the bank if you are smart about it. Certain types of dents can be fixed without any sanding or painting. Small scratches can be fixed with a do-it-yourself kit available at any auto parts store. Even more serious damage that will require a brand new part be installed can be taken care of without spending too much money if you are smart about sourcing the parts that you need. For more information, contact a local auto body repair shop today.