3 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

18 March 2015
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Many car owners, unfortunately, do not know how to care for their vehicles in the right way. This can lead to high costs in repairs because the most basic repairs are sometimes overlooked, which then leads to the problem becoming worse. Here are three things that every car owner should know about their vehicles in order to prevent costly repairs and keep their cars running at its best:

When to Change the Oil

If the oil in your vehicle is not changed when it should be, eventually a great deal of dirt is going to accumulate in the oil. Eventually, the filter will not work any longer because it will become clogged. The oil will become so dirty that it will be thick and rough. If dirty oil is running over the parts in your vehicle, then it is going to cause more wear and tear. You should read the manual for your car to see when the oil needs to be changed. Typically, you need to change it every 5,000 miles

Take Your Car to an Auto Shop When Check Engine Light is On

Many car owners ignore the check engine light when it comes on, believing that it is only a precaution and not a sign of anything potentially dangerous. However, this is not the case. Anytime the check engine light comes on, you should be taking your car into an auto repair shop right away. The professionals will do a check, which is usually free of charge. If a problem is found, then they will charge for it to be fixed. If there isn't a problem found, which can sometimes be the case, the professionals will simply turn off the check engine light.

How to Replace Windshield Wipers

As a car owner, especially if you live in rainy weather conditions, you must know how to change your windshield wipers. This simple repair can save you from a potential car accident while driving in the rain. Typically, you should be changing your windshield wipers every 6 months, so knowing how to do this on your own can save you money. Be sure to check what type of windshield wipers your vehicle needs in your owners manual. To replace them on your own, simply remove the old wipers and line up the new blades and snap them in place. 

By knowing how to do these three simple things, you can keep your vehicle running in good condition for a longer amount of time and avoid potentially dangerous car accidents, as well. For more car maintenance tips or for help with any issues, contact a local auto shop like Lombard Body & Fender Inc.