The Nitty Gritty Of Classic Car Restorations—Auto Body Repairs That Affect Car Performance

24 October 2016
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Auto body repairs can often be cosmetic fixes after an accident or other small damage from driving. There are also repairs that may need to be done with a classic car restoration, such as removing poor, heavy fillers in bodywork and fixing issues with rust. Sometimes, these problems can affect the performance of your car, such as a rusted sub-frame that can twist. Here are some of the auto body repairs that can affect your classic car restoration:

Rusted Bodies That Can Effect The Frame And Suspension

A rusted body can affect many areas of your car. If the rust is in an area where mounts for things like engines and transmissions sit, it can cause you to have a bumpy ride. There are also sub-frame cars, which have a small frame and the body makes up the other portion of the frame. When a sub-frame is rusted, it can cause many problems that are difficult to solve.

The Hidden Effects Of A Jarred Alignment And Suspension Damage

If you have hit something with the front of your car, then there may be hidden damage. A front collision can cause the suspension to become jarred. This can even be something that causes your car to have problems after you do repairs. When the wheels are out of the position they should be in, it can cause handling problems, tire wear, and mechanical failure. This is why it is important to have an auto body repair shop compare your car's suspension with the original factory specs to ensure the wheels are aligned correctly.

Front End Damage That Can Cause A Decrease In Engine Performance

Front end damage can also cause problems with the motor. Sometimes, the problem may be something simple like an air intake hose being crimped, a mount that has be moved, or damage to your radiator and cooling system. These problems can usually easily be solved by checking the engine compartment when repairs are done. You will want to look for signs of parts that look like they do not fit quite right, such as hoses not fitting on a housing correctly or a bracket that is moved out of its original position. When auto body repairs are done, check the components under the hood for these problems.

Some auto body repairs may just be cosmetic, while others can affect the performance of your car. If your car has issues with a rusted sub-frame or other problems that can affect how it drives, contact an auto body repair service to help you correct the issues. For more information, contact local professionals like Auto Body By Duie LLC.