4 Things to Know Before Repainting Your Car

28 October 2016
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Repainting your car may be on your mind if you have many cosmetic issues or simply want to change the color. There are a few things to note before you sign up for a new paint job. 

The Cost Varies Considerably

First of all, know that the cost of your paint job can vary a lot depending on the scope of the job. For instance, a paint touch-up will be much less expensive than a full coating. Changing the color of the car is even more expensive that a regular repaint because the job is often more extensive. For instance, your auto body shop will need to repaint door jambs and other parts that they wouldn't normally touch during a repaint. You can help reduce the costs by painting some of these items yourself. Check with your auto body shop beforehand to see the best procedures for painting the metal and plastic components of your car that you choose to do yourself. 

There Are Multiple Options for Paint Job Types

Another thing that can affect the cost of your car repaint is the type of paint you choose. There's always the option of a traditional liquid paint and clear coating option. If you have the money to spend, this option can produce a high quality, polished final product. Another option is to do a powder coating, which is also a great option that can be less expensive. This is because there is less wasted material during powder coating, as compared to a spray gun painting job. 

The Job May Take Several Days

If you had thought the car could go in the same day and then be ready for pickup, be sure that you check with your mechanic beforehand. In many cases, these jobs can take several days. The paint job itself is several hours long for a thorough repainting, and then the materials need to dry. You might need to factor in the costs of a rental car for a few days when you decide to get your car repainted. 

It Could Affect the Value

If you think you may eventually sell the car, you might want to consider the effects of a repaint on the final value. If your car is badly scratched up and the paint is worn, a repaint will have a positive effect in most cases. If you are changing the car color from a popular color to a more personalized color, note that the value may go down because fewer buyers would be interested in the new car color. It helps to consult car values or ask your auto body shop beforehand so that you preserve the value of your car. 

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