How To Patch Small Paint Chips

1 November 2016
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Even the small dents and scratches on your bumper can detract from the value of your car. However, many people don't want to take their car into an auto body shop just to fix a few small blemishes. Luckily, you can learn to repair and touch up small paint chips in your bumper. It is a simple task and it does not require any expensive or rare tools. This article explains how to patch small paint chips on metal car surfaces.

Using Autobody Filler

The most important product for this job is autobody filler. This comes in large tubs with a separate tube of liquid hardener. Basically, you mix a small amount of hardener in with the putty. Once the two components are mixed together, the putty dries very quickly, so be prepared. Before you can even begin to apply the putty, you need to do a little bit of prep work.

Prepping the Paint Chip

If you have a larger hole with rust forming on the car surface, you need to sand it out with auto sandpaper. Autobody sandpaper is just like wood sandpaper except it needs to be so you don't scratch the metal. The sanding is important, not because it smoothes out the surface, but because it makes it a little rougher. Car paint is too smooth and glossy for the new paint to stick to unless it is lightly sanded. Just use a small corner of the paper to smooth out the area.

Applying the Putty

Once you have sanded and mixed the putty, you can apply to the paint chip. For small chips you can just use your fingers. Otherwise, use a plastic putty knife so you don't scratch the paint. It is important to overfill the chip. Then, when it dries you come back with the sandpaper to smooth it out.

Touching Up the Paint

The final step is to apply some touch up paint to the patched area. For the best results you should use factory paint. This is easy to find at the dealership. Most auto parts stores sell third party products which often have problems with matching. The touch up cans have a small brush built in to the lid for easy application.

This is a simple task that could save you some time and money in the long run. If you leave even the smallest chip unattended, it could lead to the chip growing and rust forming on the metal. For more information, contact a fleet service.