Have Hail Damage And Low Funds To Repair It? What To Know

26 January 2017
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If a hail storm has caused a lot of damage to your vehicle and you don't want to make the claim with your auto insurance policy, or if you only have the bare minimum coverage, you want to find out the cost of the damage. An auto body shop, such as Auto Hail Repair, will have the skill to repair the dents and scratches as needed. If the cost stresses you out, there are a couple of options you can consider. Do the following things to save money:

Look for Panels

Going to junk yards to find new car panels the same model as yours can save you a lot of money on the repair costs. If you can find a new hood, trunk, or another area, and it only needs to be painted to be put on your vehicle, you can get the repairs done quickly. You'll only have to have an auto body shop paint the new parts to match the color of your vehicle.

Get Multiple Auto Repair Estimates

Take the vehicle to an auto repair shop to see what the cost would be for them to knock out the dents throughout the vehicle. The repair estimate will include the cost to replace or repair the hail damages and new paint. If you don't think the savings of looking for new panels is a lot, then it may be easier to just let the auto body experts handle the work. Once you have estimates to compare you can get the lowest price.

Find a Local Auto Body School

If there is a local auto body school in your area, you may be able to have the vehicle worked on by the students at a lower price than what you would pay at a professional shop. The work is still overseen by auto body professionals, and the results will be the same. This may take longer to have the repairs completed, so you'll have to decide if the wait is worth the price break.

There are a lot of different ways that you can save money when your car has been damaged by hail, and you want to get it fixed right away so you can restore the value and maintain the appearance. Talk with local auto body shops, people that do auto body with a license outside of their home, and at local training centers to get the best price.