Planning To Open A Small Bakery Catering Business? Marketing And Business Ideas For You

26 January 2017
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When you have always dreamed of owning a bakery business, you may be surprised when you set out to achieve your goals that opening a large bakery location is quite costly and difficult to jump right into. However, you may also find that there are many ways that you can break into the baking business that will not necessarily put you deep in the red before you even make your first pastry. One way to do just that is to open a business that is more along the lines of a small bakery catering business. In order to be successful in this endeavor, you need to be able to make your business work together with marketing efforts so that you gain business exposure and make sure that you are able to grow your new bakery catering business.

Use Your Bakery Catering Vehicles As Mobile Advertising

When you are opening a bakery catering business rather than a larger permanent bakery shop, you need to make the most of every aspect of your business, including your vehicles. Any vehicles that you use for your bakery catering business, whether they are the vehicles you drive to and from meetings with clients or the delivery vehicles that you actually transport your products in, can be used for advertising and marketing your business.

Work with a professional graphic design company to come up with an auto paint or car wrap design for your vehicles to develop your vehicular advertisement design. Each vehicle should include your business name, contact information and a logo or image that best represents your business and your products. These mobile advertisements should be eye-catching but not gaudy and over the top. Because your business will be so much on the go, the vehicle advertisement design is extremely important as it may be one of your only means of marketing and advertising early on in your business.

Create a Vehicle that is Both an Advertisement and a Pop-Up Shop

Another way that you can use your vehicles for your mobile bakery catering business is to actually create a vehicle that can be a little pop-up shop in and of itself. If you want to take your baked goods to various fairs, as well as vendor events for weddings and other special occasions, then you need to be able to set up a stand or pop-up shop quickly and easily.

Get your business a vehicle that can do just that for you. This can be a small refrigerated trailer or truck, a miniature food truck, or the like. Smaller pod-style trailers that can be towed behind mid-sized cars, for example, can be great for carrying the tables and other display items you need to set up a quick stand or pop-up shop. Be sure that the pop-up shop vehicle also have the same type of advertising information on it so that you can make your business name known. Keep and carry business cards, brochures and other marketing materials in that vehicle as well to maximize its usefulness in your bakery catering business.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can be sure that you are starting your new bakery catering business off on the right foot. For more information or assistance with advertising, contact companies like Aggressive Graphics.