Why You Should Never Leave Minor Damage From A Small Accident Unfixed

7 November 2019
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If you drive an older or less-valuable car and you get into a minor collision, you might be tempted to just leave minor damage unfixed. Spending the money to repair a scraped-up bumper or dented door might seem silly, especially if your car is only worth a few thousand dollars. However, there are a few reasons why you really shouldn't leave even minor damaged unaddressed.

1. The damage could be more serious than you think.

You might only see a dinged door or scraped-up bumper, but there could be more substantial damage such as bending to the frame. This more serious issue may not cause any noticeable trouble at first, but if it does cause trouble down the road, you'll regret not having taken your car in to get looked over after an accident. Let an auto body shop look at and give you an estimate for repairing the minor damage; they'll make sure it's not worse than it seems.

2. Your insurance may not honor future claims.

If you do not fix the damage and you are later in a more serious accident, your insurance company may give you grief about fixing the damage from that accident since some of the damage is obviously from a previous collision. They could outright deny your claim or offer you less than you need to fix the issues.

3. The damage may lead to rust or corrosion.

If the minor damage removed paint from the car, as it often does, it won't be long before rust starts setting in. Rust spreads quickly, and what looks like a scraped-up door right now may be a deteriorating door in a few months. At this point, the damage will affect the functionality and safety of your car, so it's best to have an auto body shop address it while it is still minor.

4. The damage may make the car hard to sell.

Even if the car is not worth much, it is worth something. If you plan on selling it in the next few years, you should absolutely have it repaired. Many people will be turned off by a scrape on the side when looking at your vehicle and may be completely disinterested in buying it for any price.

Even if you were only in a minor crash, take the time to have your car fixed. Minor damage can be a big deal, even if it does not look like one. To learn more about repairing your car, contact a company that offers auto body collision repair services in your area.