Are Your Car's Body Repair Issues Fixable?

24 April 2020
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One of the first questions folks tend to have for an auto body repair technician is about whether the problem can be fixed. Fortunately, the vast majority of issues can be addressed with repairs or replacement parts. It can help to get a little more specific, however, about the reasons why a particular problem might be handled a certain way.

Frame Damage

Before you get too far into the subject of auto body repair work, it's worth noting that damage to a vehicle's frame is likely a bit too far in terms of what can be fixed. First, many body shops don't deal with work on frames at all. Second, damage to the frame can pose risks to the vehicle and its occupants at highways speeds, even if repairs have been performed. Finally, many states have strict rules about what frame damage can be repaired and how it has to be inspected before putting the car on the road.

Put more simply, frame damage falls outside the scope of auto body repair. If there is damage to the frame, such as from a car wreck, understand that the vehicle may have bigger problems.

Dents and Dings

Many types of dents and dings can be fixed with simple tools. If you're very lucky, a dent can be taken out using a plunger-like tool that encourages the body back into its original shape. A worse problem may call for using a hook through a tiny hole to pull the dent out. In the worst situation, a hammer may have to be used to beat the dent out.

Also, there may be a point where even hammering won't get the job done. In those scenarios, the damaged section of the body will have to be replaced. For example, a common problem is damage to one of the corners of the car after an accident. These panels are built to be removed and replaced, and most auto body repair technicians will do that instead of fiddling around with smaller fixes.


The simplest solution is to use a rubbing compound to get the surrounding paint to blend into the scratch. Some scratches have to be treated with small amounts of paint. Cars with many scratches or deep ones may have to be sanded and repainted.

Mirrors, Lights, and Sensors

Unless the damage is extremely minor, most of these components are easier to replace than to fix. Some wiring work may also be required to disconnect the old parts and connect the new ones.

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