What Is Dentless Repair?

19 February 2021
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Collisions happen. Dealing with the aftermath is never fun. One thing that many people might not immediately think of when it comes to repairing their car after a collision is how it might affect the resale value. Of course, bigger repairs will be more detrimental to the overall value of any vehicle no matter how well they are done. But, some repairs can be done with a little more technical expertise and attention to detail. This is what dentless collision repair is all about. Many people have never even heard of dentless repair, so this article will explain what it is and why it can be such a smart solution.

What Is Dentless Repair?

Dentless repair uses some fancy tech. To put it simply, tools linked with special software and lasers can scan the car surface to help specialized repair techs to reform the dented areas back to the original shape. This is time-consuming and detail-oriented work that can end up with great results when performed by professionals.

Unfortunately, dentless repair will not work on many dents. It works best if there is no paint damage. In fact, if the dent can be fixed without needing touch-up paint, then dentless repair will be quick and easy. In most cases, the dent will need paint, but the first step will always be to restore the car's shape. Once the shape is restored, the next steps can be taken. Most dentless repair shops will also offer paint services so you can get it all taken care of at once.

Why Is Dentless Repair Better?

Since dentless repair can often be a little more expensive, many customers ask why they would pay more for it. The best thing about dentless repair is that no auto body filler needs to be used. This is a big deal for a number of reasons. First of all, not having body filler on your car will help maintain resale value. Also, dentless repair paints up a lot better and lasts longer. Over time, filled dents can fade and the paint can start to change color so that there might be a noticeable difference between the original surface and the repaired sections.

In the end, if you can repair your auto body damage using dentless repair, it is definitely worth it. Take your vehicle to a collision repair service in your area to restore your car to its previous state.