4 Hacks for a Successful Auto Body Repair After an Accident

20 April 2022
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Finding yourself in an accident is the biggest inconvenience you'll find yourself in with your car. The collision impact may be anything from minor body scratches to severe body damage. Either way, you need an auto body repair technician to restore your vehicle. Here is what you need to remember when seeking auto body repair services.

1. Engage an Auto Body Shop Approved By Your Insurer

Naturally, the first call you make when your car is damaged will be to your insurance company. Upon accepting liability, your insurer will recommend a list of auto body repair technicians to choose from or direct you to a specific repair shop. If you are dissatisfied with the given options, you can request them to liaise with your preferred technician to have them do the restoration on behalf of your insurer. Regardless of the options available, the goal is to ensure that the relevant insurance company settles the bill without drama.

2. Know What to Expect

For a major collision, the technician at work will probably not be your regular mechanic, so you'll need to be very keen and ask questions when necessary. Besides the physical auto body damage, there could be issues with the suspension system, engine and gearbox mountings, bearings, and other impact-related problems. Your technician should make sure that none of these issues is left unattended. Request an impact assessment before the repairs begin and ensure every faulty component is replaced.

3. Get a Cost Estimate

It doesn't matter whether your insurer settles the bill or not. You should always know the particulars in the auto body invoice and how realistic the bill is. However, don't choose your technician based on the price alone. The technician should also commit to keeping you and your insurer updated if any additional expenses have to be incurred.

4. Ask for a Reasonable  Service Warranty Coverage

A great technician will let you know how long they intend to have your car at their auto body repair shop. They should be fast enough to minimize the inconvenience of not having your vehicle and keep you informed on the progress. Upon completion, you should get enough time and reasonable terms to request rectifications if auto body issues arise from the repairs. The warranty should also cover issues from the accident, which were unattended during the repairs.

Going through an auto body repair is no easy task, but you can't afford to let it inconvenience you again in the future. Therefore, do your homework and consult your insurance company. Remember to pay attention to these tips and undertake regular follow-ups for quality auto body repair services.