Luxury Collision Repair: 3 Hidden Damages That Need Attention After An Accident

10 October 2022
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Have you been involved in an accident? Did you take your luxury car for repairs? You probably did a visual inspection and believed everything was okay. Well, you may not be off the hook yet. Just because your car seems okay outside does not mean it is not damaged. Therefore, it is vital to visit auto collision repair experts to inspect and repair hidden damage after an accident. Otherwise, driving your car with these hidden issues might cause serious consequences. Here are some signs that your luxury car may have hidden problems after an accident. 

1. The Trunk Won't Open or Close

The trunk is one component likely to be damaged in an accident. However, this damage might go unnoticed for a long time unless you use your trunk often. Some issues you may experience with your trunk include difficulty opening or closing it, water accumulation when it rains, or unexpected popping up of the trunk even when driving. Additionally, issues with your trunk could extend to the bumper. Unfortunately, the damaged bumper might not have enough strength to protect your luxury car. 

2. The Vehicle Pulls to One Side

One of the most common issues drivers experience after an accident is wheel misalignment. An excellent way to identify misalignment problems is uneven wear and tear of the tires. Unfortunately, it takes a while before you notice this change in your tires. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to other signs of misalignment, such as the vehicle pulling to one side. Squealing tires, shaky and noisy steering, and unusual vibrations are other indicators of car misalignment.

3. There Are Fluid Leaks Under the Car

Your luxury car has various fluids in different components for various purposes. Therefore, fluid leaks after an accident indicate that the respective components were damaged. For example, transmission fluid leaks could indicate that the reservoir was damaged and could cause transmission problems. 

Unfortunately, identifying the source of the leak without the relevant skills can be challenging. For this reason, it is vital to visit a luxury collision repair shop after an accident to ensure everything is okay.

Even if everything seems fine in your luxury car after an accident, your car may have problems that are difficult to diagnose without the proper knowledge and skills. That's why it is vital to visit a luxury collision repair shop to ensure every part of the car is okay. Repairing car damage immediately will prevent troubles, saving you cash in the long run.